So, you want to find out a little more about us. Well let's get started them!

35mm Vintage was a covid project, from humble beginnings selling my own clothes on Depop, to selling some charity shop gems, to buying my first random bale of clothes the growth process was slow. 

I (Cian) was selling through instagram and Depop. Replying to DM's and arranging payment through revolut probably wasn't the most professional thing to be at so I decided I needed a website. So, we built a website, using Wix. 

That has served me well until now, after slowly but surely growing our following on social media, making sales and spreading brand awareness we eventually came to a time where Jen took over the Depop account and has been doing her own thing over there for the last couple of months. 

Cian has continued to run the store in Mayo, which also serves as the e-commerce HQ, and that has been going well, considering the location choice in a small town with a population of 1000ish. We live and learn. We've done some pop up shops along the way. The most iconic being in December 2020, that weekend pop up, also in Kiltimagh, lit the match on the love for vintage clothes in me…. and I wanted more. 

Skip forward to March 2021 and an old nightclub 'The Electric Mouse' which had been closed for 12 years prior was picked up by a local business man, PJ. I worked for PJ years previous in his hotel and we had stayed in contact after that. He saw potential with 35mm Vintage and a deal was struck to rent the premises and give it a go! 

Months of work ensued and the 'Vintage Plaza' was finally ready for road in June. With a very grand opening on the 5th the place was rocking! and has been our much loved home ever since. 

As our customer base increased across all platforms we again felt we needed a remodel and that has led to the move to Shopify, which was massively recommended by friends and fellow business owners. So far, so good. The system seems to work well and we've put more effort into consistent drops, photos and product descriptions. 

In June 2023, after 2 fantastic years in Kiltimagh, an opportunity arose. A short term lease in Dublin popped up, we viewed it, fell in love and took the plunge in a very short time, we got the place from a white empty space on Fade St. looking like a Vintage store! 

We got a team of Vintage lovers hired, and have been open 7 days a week since!

It's a huge step up from Mayo, a lot more pressure, much harder work. But, that's what it's all about!!!

In January 2024 we extended the lease for another year. So we'll be slingin' our wares until 2025 on Fade St.

Going back to us as actual human beings. 

Cian is 26, a Mayo man. studied Sports Science & Health in DCU. Loves outdoorsy stuff, water sports and snow-sports. He's pretty shite at them, but that's not the point. 

Jen is 24, a Wicklow woman and also studies Sports Science in UCD and is in her final year right now. Also loves the outdoors, and is much better at surfing than Cian. Jen runs our Depop page and helps out with the webstore whenever she can. 

Our plans for the future you ask? We just enjoy the moment and want to keep growing 35 Vintage and making a good impression with all of our customers and their friends. We hope to continue running the shop, ecommerce and Depop and hope to open even more stores in the future. We want to make a difference and inspire action amongst the youth of today. We want to promote sustainability, care for the environment and appreciation for 2nd hand or vintage clothing and we especially want you to have the best day everrrr!

Thanks for reading. 

We appreciate it. 


Cian, Jen and all the 35 Team


Get in touch with us..

Drop us a line here and we'll get back to you ASAP. You can give us a text or call anytime on 0876974691